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How to Buy Floki Inu Coin in India?

Now that bitcoin and Ethereum have been in the spotlight, altcoin investors believe it’s their time to shine. Meme coins, which are known to trade on internet sentiment, have seemingly not lost their appeal, including Floki Inu. Why Floki Inu Coin is Trending everywhere except India. People in India are interested only in $SHIB Shiba Inu because it is very cheaper in price and it is already listed on Major Indian Exchanges. Where as in $FLOKI Floki Inu the name is similar to Shiba Inu and the price were little bit costlier than $SHIB and it is not listed in any major Indian Exchanges. The Floki token was inspired by Elon Musk and his Shiba Inu he named Floki. Now the meme coin has taken on a life of its own and has risen to a market cap of $2.2 billion. As the project matures, the team is making some changes as they continue to target mainstream adoption.

Floki’s Conquests

Floki investors seem to have their eye on the prize. They are anticipating the launch of Valhalla, which is a “play-to-earn NFT gaming metaverse” that is in the process of being built by developers. NFTs are one of the hottest segments going in crypto.

The Floki Inu team is looking to attract users from outside of the cryptocurrency industry with its NFT game that also gives users the opportunity to get paid. The Floki Inu team has also been embarking on a marketing blitz, one that includes rebranding the website to and gaining more exposure in London, including a campaign at the Heathrow Airport.

SlumDoge Millionaire is also a FLOKI Vikings now!

Cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile, and meme coins especially so. After recently climbing 200% in a day and establishing a new record high, Floki Inu has made its way onto the radar of major crypto investors. This includes one whale investor on the Binance Smart Chain who reportedly just poured more than $3 million into the meme coin.

Additionally, one influential Dogecoin investor, whose Twitter account is SlumDOGE Millionaire, recently revealed that he put $100,000 into FLOKI. While this support was a boost to the Floki Inu community, some Dogecoin investors were less than thrilled with SlumDOGE’s game plan. Nonetheless, the investor points to Floki Inu’s lower market cap compared to other popular meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and believes it has more room to go.

Steps to Buy Floki Inu Coin $FLOKI in India.

Click here to Buy $FLOKI Inu Coin from India. Also check out the video for Beginners.

FLOKI is the Future of Meme Crypto, So Invest wisely. And Invest only what you can afford.

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